About Fe-Uri

Our Vision

Fe–Uri intends to be a feminine hygiene enthusiast providing women with a seamless healthcare and best hygiene experiences.
Given the multiple challenges they face, Fe-Uri takes a step towards safeguarding the DIGNITY, INTEGRITY & overall LIFE OPPORTUNITIES of women

1. Hygiene First

A Healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Now, maintain your hygiene with Fe-Uri and feel great and comfortable all day all long.

2. Premium Quality

Fe-Uri ensures best quality hygienic experiences for women through its products.
The products are designed to give utmost comfort to women and freedom to move anywhere and everywhere with Fe-Uri stand and pee funnels and sanitary napkins.

3. Certified Products

Fe-Uri is committed to provide highest quality products to its customers.
Fe-Uri is ISO 9001:2015 certified ensuring quality assurance of the products meeting overall health and hygiene accreditations.

4. Pocket Friendly

We offer our products at most reasonable prices as Fe-Uri believes that women hygiene and sanitation should not come at a cost and all the products should be available and affordable by large masses of women.

5. Ergonomic

All Fe-Uri products are completely user friendly and are designed keeping in mind the needs and requirement of users.
The products can be used by women of any age group, during pregnancy or even while menstruation.

6. Environment friendly

All the products designed by fe-Uri are skin friendly, organic and completely biodegradable posing no harm to Mother Nature.